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Jennifer Lopez on cloud nine as 'This Is Me... Now' sets new record

Jennifer Lopez's album 'This Is Me…Now' and its companion were released on February 16

By Web Desk
February 20, 2024
Jennifer Lopez on cloud nine as This Is Me... Now sets new records
Jennifer Lopez on cloud nine as 'This Is Me... Now' sets new records

Jennifer Lopez's newly released album This Is Me... Now and its companion film claimed notable milestones after being released on February 16.

As reported by Daily Mail, the Ain't You Mama singer's album grabbed the number one spot on Apple iTunes.

On the other hand, Lopez's film, based on the challenges she faced in her publicly scrutinised love life, is trending on Amazon Prime. 

An insider shared with the Publication that the Marry Me actress "is thrilled that both the album and movie are doing so well."

The source added, "She had a feeling her fans would react in a positive way to This Is Me... Now because it is so personal. It is her vision and a show of her creative freedom."

According to the report, Lopez's new songs include This Me… Now, Rebound, Not. Going. Anywhere., and Can’t Get Enough are trending on the chart. 

Earlier, the singer got emotional as she thanked her 'supportive' husband Ben Affleck, at the premiere of This Is Me...Now: A Love Story on February 13 in Los Angeles.

She said, "And then there is the person who inspired this for me, who has inspired me my whole life."

Lopez added, "I love you and thank you for believing in me and helping me believe in myself. And helping me to grow every single day."

Notably, the globally known artist's album and film were released on February 16.