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Billie Eilish invites Bryce Hall's wrath after alleged TikToker diss at PCAs

Billie Eilish appeared to question the amount of TikTokers present at People Choice Awards over the weekend

By Web Desk
February 20, 2024

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Bryce Hall hit back at Billie Eilish after she was caught throwing shade at TikTokers during the 2024 People’s Choice Awards.

The 24-year-old influencer took to the social media platform to address the singer “being disgusted” by his lot at the event over the weekend.

“First off, Billie Eilish, I’m so sorry that I didn’t acknowledge your greatness and bow down to you being another human being,” he snarked.

“And second, People’s Choice invited us personally. Everyone that attended People’s Choice and was sitting at those tables, we were invited by People’s Choice,” Hall explained. “So, hate on them.”

The boxer noted that the “most sad thing” to come out of her behaviour was that he used to be a “big fan” of music, adding he won’t be streaming it anymore.

Hall’s enmity comes after the What Was I Made For? singer was filmed in a conversation with Kylie Minogue, raising question at the amount of TikTokers present at the event.

Eilish appeared to cover her mouth with her hand once she realized camera was on her, however, eagle-eyed fans observed her pointing out where the coterie of social media inflluencers were located and said, “I don’t need it.”