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Britney Spears denies rumours she’s dating her felon ex Paul Richard Soliz

Spears reportedly grew close to convicted felon Paul Richard Soliz after hiring him as her 'housekeeper' last year

By Web Desk
February 19, 2024
Britney Spears is currently finalising her divorce with Sam Asghari

Britney Spears wants everyone to know she is single and thriving.

Amid online reports that she is still romantically involved with her ex-boyfriend Paul Richard Soliz – her former housekeeper and a convicted felon – the Princess of Pop took to Instagram to clear up her relationship status.

“Beautiful Sunday,” she captioned one of her infamous dancing videos uploaded over the weekend, adding, “Hopeless, romantic understanding that being single is awesome.”

Seemingly responding to the rumour mill, Britney’s words came just three days after a report by US Weekly claimed that the Toxic hitmaker and Soliz “are definitely together… He’s still in the picture.”

However, the outlet reported that though Soliz is exclusive with Spears, Spears is “sleeping with a few other people.”

For context, Soliz has a criminal record with multiple misdemeanour and felony charges.

Hence, another source spilled that Spears’ “managerial team probably thinks he is out to do something shady” and “don’t want him around.”

The reports come just as Spears gets closer to finalising her divorce from Sam Asghari in August 2023.

It was around the time the estranged couple initially filed for divorce that Spears met Soliz, with Page Six breaking the news that the pair had been growing close with Soliz.

Soliz had been hired by Spears as her housekeeper to “Clean toilets, mop floors, and pick up trash.”