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Check out BTS star Jin's 'adobrable' blunder on J-Hope's birthday message

BTS' Jin's error got fans gushing

By Web Desk
February 19, 2024
BTS Jin accidentally wishes J-Hope a Happy Birthday
BTS' Jin accidentally wishes J-Hope a 'Happy Birthday'

BTS’ Jin took to an online forum, wishing J-hope a ‘Happy Birthday’ under another member, V’s, post on Wednesday, February 14.

The K-pop idol wrote: “Hobi, Happy Birthday~” under V’s post that said: "This is an interim report. I have now peaked at weighing 72.5 kg. I'll be back again. Salute!"

Netizens went gaga over Jin’s ‘adorable’ comment, adding hilarious remarks like: "understandable because it's Jin," and that "because it's also Jin, this mistake looks even funnier and more adorable."

Another user gushed: "Lol I'm crying".

A third commented: "Of course lololol our Jin is never typical!"

Others added: "Of course, this is Jin" and that "You should reply, V lol"

Commenting on the band’s ‘unbreakable’ bond, a user noted: "I love how Jin never forgets to leave his dongsaengs these messages on their birthdays...".

BTS members began their military services on December 12, 2023, including RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

The band is currently on a military hiatus and plan to resume their group activities no earlier than 2025.

Jin was the first one to get enlisted from the group, currently serving as an army instructor. 

The Dynamite singer is scheduled to be discharged this year in June.