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Ethan Slater handles divorce while considering to propose Ariana Grande

Ethan Slater seeks Divorce inalization, hinting at potential proposal to Ariana Grande

By Web Desk
February 16, 2024

Love is in the air for Ethan Slater and Ariana Grande, as their unexpected but undeniably strong relationship continues to make headlines. 

Reports suggest that Ethan is taking significant steps to pave the way for a possible proposal to the pop superstar.

According to a source from Us Weekly, Ethan and his estranged wife Lilly Jay are still navigating the mediation process of their divorce, with no finalization yet in sight.

However, despite this ongoing legal matter, both are happily cohabitating at her residence. 

Yet, he is eager to expedite his divorce proceedings, not for any other reason but to have the option to propose to her.

The source reveals, "They are living together at her place and are very happy, but he’s eager to get things finalized with the divorce. 

He wants the option to propose her, so he’s doing everything he can to expedite things."

This development follows previous reports from January, indicating that their relationship has deepened significantly over the past few months. 

While the thank u, next singer and Slater have kept mum about their relationship status in the public eye, their frequent sightings together have sparked curiosity among fans. 

The duo, who are set to co-star in the highly anticipated production of Wicked, are likely to make appearances together for press events and premieres in the near future.