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Tom Holland's 'Romeo & Juliet' tickets sell out in record time

Tom Holland's 'Romeo & Juliet' tickets snapped up by over 60,000 fans in record time

By Web Desk
February 14, 2024
Tom Hollands Romeo & Juliet showcases sell out in just two hours.
Tom Holland's 'Romeo & Juliet' showcases sell out in just two hours.

Tickets for Tom Holland's West End production of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet sold out within a mere two hours after their release on Tuesday morning. 

The rush for general sale tickets commenced at midday and, by 2 pm, all available tickets for the 12-week run, spanning from May 11 to August 3, were seemingly snapped up.

The frenzy ensued after more than 60,000 eager fans scrambled to secure their seats for Holland's return to the West End stage. 

Pre-sale opportunities had commenced at 8 am on Tuesday morning, prompting thousands to join virtual queues in hopes of securing a chance to witness the 27-year-old actor portray the romantic lead, Romeo Montague, at the Duke Of York Theatre.

Fans fervently compared the exhilarating ticket pursuit to the high-stakes experience of securing tickets for Taylor Swift's Eras tour, which has amassed an impressive $1.04 billion in revenue, with 4.35 million tickets sold across 60 tour dates.

On the platform formerly known as Twitter, his dedicated followers expressed their anxieties as they found themselves waiting in a virtual queue behind thousands of others in hopes of securing priority access tickets to see him on stage. 

One follower lamented, "now why are there 25,000 people in front of me in the queue to get these Tom Holland Romeo and Juliet tickets this isn’t the eras tour."

Similar sentiments echoed across the platform, with another fan expressing doubt, "28,664 people in front of me. 

There's no way I'm getting tickets am I... i just wanna see my man Tom," while another shared their surprise at the overwhelming demand, "I thought I was being proactive with my priority access to Tom Holland Romeo and Juliet theatre tickets at 8 am. Turns out 41,000 other people are doing the same."

One ecstatic attendee exclaimed, "Survived the war for Tom Holland Romeo and Juliet tickets. 

Tickets started at 80 and went up to £145 from what I saw, but may have been higher for the very front rows all gone of course." 

Another lucky individual celebrated their achievement, exclaiming, "I DID IT! I just scored a ticket to see him in Romeo & Juliet on stage in London!!!! On closing night! Not to mention, it's an aisle seat 3rd row from the stage! I must be dreaming."