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Sally Field reveals Julia Roberts 'picked on' by 'Steel Magnolias' director

'Steel Magnolias' was released in 1989

February 13, 2024
Sally Field reveals Julia Roberts picked on by Steel Magnolias director
Sally Field reveals Julia Roberts 'picked on' by 'Steel Magnolias' director

Decades after the beloved film Steel Magnolias warmed hearts, new revelations about behind-the-scenes tension have emerged. 

In a recent interview with Vulture, actress Sally Field shared that the film's director, Herbert Ross, "picked on" a young Julia Roberts, then at the beginning of her career.

The actress further told that how Olympia Dukakis, Shirley MacLaine, Dolly Parton, and Daryl Hannah supported Roberts when the film's director, the late Herb Ross, "picked on" the younger star.

Field revealed that Ross's remarks and handling of the ladies differed. He "pretty much" allowed her the "freedom to do whatever," but he was also "very, very, very hard on Julia," she added.

“If you ever talk to Julia, she’ll tell you," revealed Field.

“We would all rally around Julia because she was the baby. She was sort of the newcomer. And she was wonderful, and he just picked on her,” she continued. “It was awful.”

As for why Ross treated Roberts poorly, “He could be a real son of a b---h, that’s why. [Laughs],” said Field. "Some people just need to have somebody they pick on."

“But we all came to her aid, and I remember Dolly once just turned on him — always with humour, but usually the most vulgar humour you ever heard so that it was like, you just literally don’t have a leg to stand on,” shared the actress.

She confirmed Ross’ treatment of her was much different “because he dared not.”

“I mean, I don’t mind notes, but I will argue if it doesn’t make sense to me,” explained Field. “But if you’re gonna be mean to me, then you’re gonna find a warrior. I may be small, but you don’t want to do that.”

Roberts, who went on to become a Hollywood icon, has previously alluded to the difficulties of filming Steel Magnolias.

In 2013, she called the experience "challenging" and admitted to feeling "intimidated" by Ross's directing style.