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Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce sing ‘Love Story’ to each other at Super Bowl afterparty

Travis Kelce was captured crooning Taylor Swift's hits 'Love Story' and 'You Belong With Me'

By Web Desk
February 12, 2024
Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce sing ‘Love Story’ to each other at Super Bowl afterparty

“It’s a Love Story, baby just say yes.”

Fans went wild as Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce serenaded each other with these lyrics from the international pop sensation’s own hit, Love Story.

The sweet moment shared by an Instagram fan account was captured during the Super Bowl after-party in Las Vegas, as the pair clearly bathed in the afterglow from Kelce’s Super Bowl win.

Dancing to a remix of the love ballad, blasted over the speakers by none other than Marshmellow as the DJ, the enamoured couple crooned the words to each other on the dance floor, before they fell into a passionate kiss.

In another clip, Travis passionately sang another one of his Grammy-winning girlfriend’s songs from the DJ booth: You Belong With Me.

An Instagram post showing a snippet from the iconic moment declared, “[Travis] heard Taylor’s song and came straight to the booth.”

“They were both seen pointing to each other during this song,” the caption further described.

The moment quickly became fan favourites on social media.

“Taylor and Travis dancing and singing to love story is my new Roman Empire,’ one fan quppied, while another expressed, “Taylor and Travis dancing to Love Story is everything.”

“Taylor and Travis singing love story to each other, Marshmellow as the DJ and Jason being Jason. This is my favourite rom-com y’all,” one fan gushed.

Another wrote, “Waking up and seeing Travis and Taylor singing and dancing to Love Story instantly puts my mood up there, GOOD MORNING :D”