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Julia Roberts feels stressed over her brother Eric Roberts’ memoir

Julia Roberts is a private person and doesn’t want any of her past to come out, claims source

By Web Desk
February 12, 2024
Julia Robertss brother Eric shares details about her past sisters relationship: Source
Julia Roberts's brother Eric shares details about her past sisters' relationship: Source

Julia Roberts feels stressed over the release of her brother Eric Roberts' tell-all book, Runaway Train: My Life So Far.

A source spilled to the National Enquirer, “When Julia is stressed out, she gets very short-tempered and takes it out on those around her — and that's happening again thanks to Eric blindsiding her with this book.”

“Julia has always been extremely private, so this is a total nightmare!” added an insider.

The source told the outlet, “Julia just doesn't want anything about her past coming out, and she's begged Eric to stop this nonsense, but he's flat-out refusing.”

“There was a time when Julia and Eric didn't get along because of his drug addiction, but they mended fences years ago after he got sober,” noted an insider.

The source mentioned, “Still, she's a very private person and hates the idea of anything at all being written about her.”

“She's obsessing over what Eric might blab, and [her family] has to deal with the fallout,” remarked another insider.

The source added, “It's a real mess!”

Earlier, the outlet reported that George Clooney suggested Julia to go “easy on her husband”.

The source shared Julia is a private person, her movie schedules demand red-carpet appearances, something her husband Danny isn't very keen on.

“He had a gentle word with Julia and told her to go easy on Danny,” said the source of George.