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King Charles, Royal family spoil Harry's plan to 'mislead American youth supporters'

Prince Harry was 'not welcomed' by the royal family

By Web Desk
February 12, 2024
King Charles, Royal family spoil Harrys plan to mislead American youth supporters
King Charles, Royal family spoil Harry's plan to 'mislead American youth supporters'

Prince Harry has sparked outrage with his sudden and short trip to the UK to see his cancer-stricken father King Charles as some royal experts and aides are slamming his move as publicity stunt to woo young Americans.

Last week, the Duke of Sussex shocked the world as he took a solo flight to the the UK, where he held less than an hour meeting with his father, whom he previously (may be unwillingly) hurt with his words about him, Queen Camilla, Prince William, Kate Middleton and other senior aides of the royal family.

A royal commentator blasted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as "poisonous" and said that they "can't be trusted."

Tom Bower told GB News: "I didn't believe he was coming on a charitable quest to be by his father's side. Now I've been proved right. You can't trust the Sussexes. Everything is done in their own self-interest and they have been absolutely poisonous in their treatment and their comments about Britain and the monarchy."

He appeared showing no mercy to Harry, saying: "We've gone through it all so many times, it's dreadful. And I do hope that now, when Harry was kicked out after 30 minutes, having flown from California.

"He was not invited to stay the night in any of the many palace bedrooms, and then he scuttled back to California the following morning, I think he's got the message he's not welcome in Britain."

Bower added: "Why did he suddenly dash over? It was all his self-interest. It was a gimmick. It was to get publicity. It was to show that he was the dutiful son of his American youth supporters."

He went on saying: "Don't let us in any way think that this was because he feels warmth towards his father and family. And after all, I'm sure Queen Camilla didn't see him. Prince William certainly didn't want to see him."

The royal expert's words suggest as King Charles and the Royal family were well aware of his intention that's why they gave the Duke cold shoulder.

"He hasn't got many friends left in England. He's cut them all off. He's an outsider, he's an outcast He should be firmly told not to bother coming back anymore," he added.