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Inside Jennifer Lopez's lavish Bel Air Mansion with 2 islands in kitchen

Jennifer Lopez's kitchen in $60M Bel Air Mansion features romantic photos with Ben Affleck

By Web Desk
February 12, 2024
Jennifer Lopez treats fans to a glimpse of her luxurious bel air home.
Jennifer Lopez treats fans to a glimpse of her luxurious bel air home.

Jennifer Lopez delighted her fans once again by offering a glimpse into the luxurious $60 million Bel Air mansion she shares with her husband, Ben Affleck. 

The multi-talented 54-year-old diva took to Instagram on Sunday, treating her followers to a sneak peek while she showcased her drink brand, Delola, and hinted at being geared up for the Super Bowl festivities.

In the video, the This Is Me... Now songstress exuded charm as she navigated through her expansive ivory kitchen. 

Adorned with elegant white roses in an oversized vase, the chef's kitchen boasted not one but two spacious islands, perfect for culinary endeavors. 

Lopez retrieved Delola from an impressive wine cooler, seemingly capable of accommodating up to 60 bottles.

Amidst the opulent setting, eagle-eyed viewers spotted a vintage touch—a poster featuring the iconic 1936 movie Desire, starring Gary Cooper and Marlene Dietrich.

Adjacent to it, a framed photograph captured the couple at a glamorous red carpet event, adding a personal touch to the chic ambiance of the kitchen.

The centerpiece of her outdoor oasis, the swimming pool, comes with a hefty price tag of approximately $150,000, attributed to its extraordinary size—about three times larger than average—and two high-end features: infinity and zero edge.

The infinity feature creates a mesmerizing illusion as the water cascades down into a lower pool before being pumped back up, giving the impression that the pool stretches endlessly into the horizon.