Friday March 01, 2024

Jon Bon Jovi dishes out major health update after vocal cord surgery

Jon Bon Jovi addresses his vocal injury in Hulu’s upcoming four-part docuseries

February 12, 2024
Jon Bon Jovi opens up about his health condition after vocal cord surgery
Jon Bon Jovi opens up about his health condition after vocal cord surgery

Jon Bon Jovi has recently shared major health update 19 months after his vocal cord surgery.

During an appearance on Hulu’s new docuseries Thank You, Good Night at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena on Friday, Jon said, “I pride myself on having been a true vocalist.”

He continued, “I’ve sung with Pavarotti. I know how to sing. I’ve studied the craft for 40 years. I’m not a stylist who just barks and howls. I know how to sing.”

“So, when God was taking away my ability, and I couldn’t understand why, I jokingly have said the only thing that’s ever been up my nose is my finger — you know, so there’s no reason for any of this,” added Bon Jovi frontman.

Jon recalled one of his vocal cords was “atrophying” being “thick as the thumb” and the other being “thick as a pinky”.

Therefore, the musician mentioned, “The strong one was pushing the weak one aside, and I wasn’t singing well. My craft was being taken from me.”

However, after surgery, Jon shared he’s “still in the process of healing” over 19 months into rehab.

“But nonetheless, and I say in the film, and in the latter episodes, if I just had my tools back, the rest of it I can deal with,” stated the singer.

Jon noted, “I can write you a song, I can perform as well as anybody. But I need to get my tools back.”

The singer also disclosed, “Friday night was the first time that I’d sung in public.”

Saturday morning is the first time I woke up without multiple voices in my head. It was just me. And that was the best feeling. It was just me,” he added.

Meanwhile, Thank You, Goodnight, the four-part series, will premiere on Hulu on April 26.