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Kanye West's controversial tactics affecting his fashion line: Claims expert

Kanye West's recent controversial steps might "hold him back" in the fashion world

By Web Desk
February 11, 2024

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Kanye West has been warned of potential brand damage if the rapper keeps making it to the negative headlines.

In a conversation with The Mirror, PR expert Mayah Riaz claimed the Yeezy founder's recent controversies might "hold him back" in the fashion world. 

The expert shared, "Kanye was known for his music but now he is maybe just as well known for his controversial persona."

She added, "He has already made some waves in the fashion world with his YEEZY brand," however, the "controversies surrounding Kanye have had mixed effects on his reputation." 

"While some controversies have sparked interest and conversation, others have led to backlash and potential brand damage," Mayah said. 

Kanye has been advised to use his digital platforms positively, generating "excitement around his fashion ventures."

Notably, in recent times, Kim Kardashian's ex-husband found himself in hot water. From his anti-semantics remarks to sharing his wife Bianca Censori's explicit images, the musician appeared in a bad light.

Mayah added, "Kanye might find that securing media coverage for his brand won’t be easy for him now as it would have had been previously."