Tuesday March 05, 2024

Taylor Swift garners praise from Kansas City Chiefs coach ahead of Super Bowl

As per reports, Taylor Swift has reached Las Vegas to support Travis Kelce in 2024 Super Bowl

February 11, 2024

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Taylor Swift found another well-wisher for her and Travis Kelce's blossoming romance. 

The global music icon garnered praise from the Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid, who opened up about the couple's relationship ahead of the 2024 Super Bowl.

In a conversation with SiriusXM NFL Radio, Reid talked about the singer's much-talked appearances at Kelce's games. 

He said, "Listen, it’s a tribute to how she’s handled it, how Kelce has handled it. It hasn’t been a distraction, so there haven’t been any problems with it."

"She’s a good girl. She loves the game and obviously loves Kelce. So I’m happy for both of them," Reid added. 

These comments came amid news of Swift's appearance at her boyfriend's big game on Sunday.

As per AP journalists, the Bad Blood singer has reached Las Vegas to make it in time for the Super Bowl Championship match.

Earlier, an insider told Us Weekly, "Taylor is doing everything in her power to show up tomorrow for the Super Bowl."