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Dylan Sprouse recalls wedding to Barbara Palvin took a 'surprising turn'

Dylan Sprouse tied the knot with Barbara Palvin in summer last year

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February 11, 2024
Dylan Sprouse shares his wedding experience
Dylan Sprouse shares his wedding experience

Dylan Sprouse recently revealed that his wedding to Barbara Palvin took a surprising turn of events.

While speaking exclusively on the Tamron Hall Show, the actor who played Ben on iconic sitcom Friends, offered an insight into his Hungarian wedding.

The actor shared that his wedding included a traditional series of events. The couple tied the knot in Hungary in July 2023.

Speaking of his wedding, Sprouse noted: "Hungarian weddings are very different from American weddings -- and I would lobby, way more fun."

"They are very game-oriented," he explained.

"At some point, the bride gets kidnapped by the groomsmen and I have to perform, like, a series of games to win her back."

The actor spoke of the games that were considered a part of Hungarian wedding, including ‘the one with the bridesmaids.’

"The bridesmaids had to do a dance -- and my bride was hidden among them -- and the groomsmen had to replicate the dance that the bridesmaid or my bride was doing,” he giggled.

"And I had to guess which one was my wife by watching my groomsmen."

Hall asked Sprouse to replicate the dance, to which the actor replied: "I don't have the hips for that... It was a lot of butt movement that I'm afraid I'm not endowed with."

He also spoke of the Hungarian tradition involving a red dress after midnight, revealing: "There was no question -- I had to wear a Hungarian designer for this one, so I chose Mero. They created the dress of my dreams. It was sexy and sweet but also comfortable -- exactly what I wanted."