Wednesday February 28, 2024

Ellen Pompeo makes triumphant return to Grey's Anatomy season 20

Ellen Pompeo has confirmed her appearance in four episodes atleast

February 11, 2024

Fans of Grey's Anatomy can breathe a sigh of relief – Meredith Grey isn't hanging up her scrubs just yet! While actress Ellen Pompeo stepped back from her series regular role this season, new reports confirm she will return for at least four episodes in the upcoming Season 20.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed this exciting news, stating that Pompeo could potentially appear in even more episodes than the confirmed four.

This comes after her reduced presence in Season 19, where she transitioned to a recurring guest role while focusing on a limited series for Hulu.

Pompeo's continued involvement, even in a limited capacity, is a welcome surprise for many fans who feared her complete departure from the show. While she won't be a Seattle resident anymore, it seems Meredith Grey's story isn't over just yet.

Season 20 of Grey's Anatomy premieres on March 14th, 2024. With Ellen Pompeo's confirmed return, the show promises a mix of nostalgia, fresh beginnings, and the medical drama fans have come to know and love.

Whether for four episodes or more, Meredith Grey's journey continues, keeping viewers guessing what twists and turns lie ahead.