Wednesday February 28, 2024

Ne-Yo lauds Mario's vocals on 20th anniversary of ‘Let Me Love You’

The song was released in October 2004

February 11, 2024

Two decades after the release of their chart-topping duet Let Me Love You, singer-songwriter Ne-Yo is reminiscing about the magic that brought the song to life, specifically praising his collaborator Mario's unique talent. 

In a recent interview celebrating the song's 20th anniversary, Ne-Yo showered Mario with compliments, comparing his voice to the legendary soul singer Sam Cooke.

"Working with Mario on 'Let Me Love You' was an incredible experience," Ne-Yo shared. "The dude walked in the studio and just started singin', and I swear, it was like Sam Cooke had been reincarnated. His voice had this smooth, timeless quality that just fit the song perfectly."

Released in October 2004, Let Me Love You became an instant smash hit, topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart and earning Ne-Yo his first Grammy Award for Best R&B Song. The song's success, Ne-Yo acknowledges, was heavily influenced by Mario's soulful vocals that perfectly complemented his own rapping style.

"We had great chemistry in the studio," Ne-Yo continued. "We were both young and hungry, and that energy translated into the music. But Mario, man, his voice was something special. It added a whole different layer of emotion to the song that I don't think I could have achieved on my own."

The song's enduring popularity speaks volumes about the lasting impact of their collaboration. Fans continue to celebrate Let Me Love You as a timeless R&B classic, with many crediting Mario's vocals as a key ingredient in its success.

While both artists have enjoyed successful solo careers, their paths haven't crossed musically since Let Me Love You.