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Ji Chang Wook apologizes for 'inappropriate actions' after viral smoking video

Ji Chang Wook was caught smoking around his ‘Welcome to Samdal-ri’ costars during a rehearsal session

By Web Desk
February 11, 2024
Ji Chang Wooks agency apologizes for actors indoor smoking
Ji Chang Wook's agency apologizes for actor's indoor smoking

Ji Chang Wook’s agency released an official statement on their website on Sunday, February 11, apologizing for the actor’s indoor smoking controversy.

The statement read: "We apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable due to the behavior of actor Ji Chang Wook revealed in the drama behind content released on January 26."

They went on to mention the misconduct of the actor in a particular scene where he could be seen smoking an electric cigarette indoors.

The statement further said that Wook deeply regrets his actions, clarifying: "In the making of content, there was a scene where actor Ji Chang Wook used an electronic cigarette indoors. It caused discomfort to those who considered it an inappropriate scene.”

“Actor Ji Chang Wook is aware that his actions were inappropriate and deeply regrets disappointing many people. We sincerely apologize once again to those who have seen the content, the staff on the scene, the actors, and the viewers who loved the work."

The agency assured fans that such behavior won’t be entertained further, noting, "We will pay special attention to ensure that such inappropriate behavior does not reoccur. Once again, we sincerely apologize for causing concern to many people through this incident."

This came after a clip of the actor made rounds on social media in which the actor could be seen smoking indoors.

The post also offered an insight into the rehearsal sessions with Ji Chang Wook sharing the table with his Welcome to Samdal-ri costars.

The post was titled as, "Ji Chang Wook smoking indoors during a rehearsal in a making-of video for 'Welcome to Samdal-ri'," with a comment that said, "You should pay a fine too."