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Designer Kristin Juszczyk spills beans: Taylor Swift's viral jacket made on whim

Designer Kristin Juszczyk's unconventional method revealed

February 11, 2024
Kristin Juszczyk shares how she crafted Taylor Swifts viral jacket.
Kristin Juszczyk shares how she crafted Taylor Swift's viral jacket.

Designer Kristin Juszczyk is celebrating a remarkable end to the NFL season, all thanks to a surprising assist from Taylor Swift. 

The wife of San Francisco 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk has long harbored aspirations of seeing her NFL-inspired clothing designs embraced by fans everywhere. 

Swift propelled Kristin her toward that goal when she sported a custom Kansas City Chiefs puffer coat, designed specifically for her by Kristin, despite the designer not having Swift's measurements on hand.

In a revelation to People magazine, she shared the unconventional journey behind Swift's donning of the jacket. 

"No one will believe this, but it's true. I had nobody's measurements," she confessed, elaborating, "I googled Taylor's height, and I just winged it." 

Prior to her, the designer had crafted a jacket for Brittany Mahomes, and she took a chance by reaching out to her in hopes that she might pass along the garment to Swift.

Juszczyk, in recounting the whirlwind experience, shared how a simple request to Brittany Mahomes ultimately led to Taylor Swift wearing her custom-designed coat.

"I asked Brittany, Hey, I would be honored to just be able to make something for Taylor. 

Would you be able to pass it along? Like zero pressure whatsoever. I don't expect her to wear it. It would just be an honor to gift it to her. And she said, Yeah, of course," she revealed.

With just a week to procure materials, craft the coat, and arrange delivery to Brittany for Taylor, Kristin turned to FedEx, with whom she recently partnered, to expedite the process. 

Despite the meticulous effort, Kristin remained optimistic about Taylor actually wearing the coat, confiding in only her husband about the endeavor.

Kristin described the moment as surreal, marveling at how well it fit. "I'm so grateful for her. I feel like she's single-handedly catapulted my career. 

So I'm extremely grateful for her. And just the amount of support that she gives women and small businesses. I mean, how could you not love Taylor?"