Wednesday February 28, 2024

Prince Harry battling 'dilemma' over reconciliation with royal family

The Duke of Sussex has "two paths of pain before him," as per a PR expert

February 10, 2024

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Prince Harry is seemingly battling a dilemma over reconciliation with the royal family after King Charles's cancer diagnosis.

The Duke of Sussex, who stepped down from the position of senior working royal in 2020, reportedly realised the value of family amid his father's illness.

In a conversation with The Mirror, PR expert Ryan McCormick claimed that Harry has "two paths of pain before him." 

The expert shared that it is possible that the late Princess Diana's son "realised how fragile and unpredictable life is, he may very well take a deep, reflective look at his actions in the past few years."

In order to settle his woes with the royals, Harry has been advised "to apologise to Charles and the family and admit that some of his actions were wrong."

The expert believes Harry's decision to seek forgiveness would "open the door to a possible reconciliation" between the estranged blood relationships. 

Moreover, Ryan shared, "The other path of pain before the Duke of Sussex is one where he does not apologise and remains steadfast in the family chaos that he was the catalyst for." 

Notably, Harry visited his ailing father on February 6 at the Clearance House in London. 

The father-of-two has been lauded for his decision to put his differences aside and extend his support to King Charles in his hour of need.