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Robert Downey Jr. bags notable accolade at 2024 Santa Barbara Film Festival

Robert Downey Jr. delivered a heartfelt speech after accepting the Maltin Modern Master Award

February 10, 2024

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Robert Downey Jr. was presented with the Maltin Modern Master Award at the 2024 Santa Barbara Film Festival on Friday.

As reported by People, the notable accolade was first introduced in 1995 in honour of the film historian and author Leonard Maltin. 

During his acceptance speech, Robert first expressed his immense gratitude towards the viewers and later, heaped praise on Maltin.

He said, "[Your] significance in our culture and what you've done from being a scholar to a writer to critic to a host. Your approval means the world to me."

Moreover, the 58-year-old Hollywood star diverted his attention towards his Oppenheimer co-star, Cillian Murphy.

Robert said, "Cillian is a straight man to no one. He is just, I think, beginning to understand by the reaction he gets when he comes to places that he's a f****** force of nature."

The Sherlock Holmes star dedicated a special part of his winning speech to his wife.

He concluded, "And as always, I will never finish any thank you, even though she's probably just getting ready to put the kids to bed soon, without thanking my dearest associate, Susan Downey."

For the unversed, Robert has been nominated in the Best Actor in a Supporting Role category for his incredible performance in Oppenheimer in the much anticipated 96th Academy Awards.