Wednesday February 28, 2024

Prince Harry decides to make 'great move out of his position' ahead of Invictus Game

Prince Harry advised to use his position wisely

February 09, 2024

Prince Harry was worried that he might have to skip the Invictus Games kickoff event in Canada next week due to his father's health issues. However, he has decided to attend the event.

According to reports, after finishing his docuseries Heart of Invictus, Harry might be trying to secure a TV deal for the Games. There are rumours that he has already hired a sports TV executive who has experience in supervising live coverage of major competitions such as the Olympics and the World Cup.

The PR to the celebrities has praised the move, deeming it a "logical" and "perfect" decision, if it is indeed correct.

Jane Owen told The Mirror: "I think it would be a great move on his part to make the most out of his position and relationship with The Invictus Games. It's a great project that he's got a lot of knowledge about and a genuine passion for.

"The Games have a great track record and given the worldwide passion for sports and competition, there's a guaranteed audience for the games if they are broadcast at a high level. The potential for the project is enormous and I think it would be the perfect job for Harry and the logical next step for the Games."

She continued: "Additionally I'm sure there are some amazing personal stories of the athletes that compete in the Games. The fact that they are wounded veterans is so inspiring. I wouldn't be surprised if there are some real life stories that would be great movies. I'd be shocked if there weren't. That might be a great way to bring Harry’s passion for the Games and his wife’s passion for entertainment together."