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‘Avatar’ director James Cameron swims with stars in new Octopus doc

James Cameron takes break from 'Avatar' to focus on docu-series

By Web Desk
February 09, 2024

While the highly anticipated Avatar sequels loom on the horizon, director James Cameron took a break from filming Avatar 3 this week to dive into the fascinating world of octopi.

Appearing virtually at the National Geographic Television Critics Association meeting, Cameron promoted his latest project, the six-part docuseries Secrets of the Octopus, premiering February 18th.

This isn't Cameron's first foray into the realm of documentaries. He serves as National Geographic's Explorer at Large and has produced five other documentary series for the channel over the past four years.

His passion for conservation and the natural world shines through in Secrets of the Octopus, which delves into the remarkable intelligence, problem-solving abilities, and complex social structures of these eight-armed cephalopods.

"As someone who's fighting for sustainability and the preservation of nature, this is endless," Cameron declared during the meeting. "They're going to have to drag me out kicking and screaming – or show me where the door is because I've forgotten – before I stop doing this."

Narrated by actor Paul Rudd, the series promises stunning underwater cinematography and insights from leading scientists and researchers. It's sure to captivate viewers with the enigmatic octopus, a creature that continues to amaze us with its intelligence and adaptability.

While fans eagerly await the next chapter of Pandora in Avatar 3, Cameron's detour into the deep sea serves as a reminder of his diverse interests and commitment to environmental storytelling. 

Secrets of the Octopus stands poised to offer a captivating glimpse into the hidden world of these remarkable creatures, potentially inspiring audiences to appreciate and protect the delicate balance of our oceans.