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Channing Tatum bags role in new true crime movie

Channing Tatum signed up to play role in Oscar nominee Derek Cianfrance’s movie

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February 09, 2024
Channing Tatum to star for lead in Roofman
Channing Tatum to star for lead in Roofman

Channing Tatum is coming to Roofman.

Tatum will star in the true crime drama Roofman, directed by Oscar contender Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine), as part of a buzzy EFM package.

The film is based on the incredible story of Jeffrey Manchester, an eccentric and charming serial robber who broke into over 60 McDonald's overnight via their roofs, then emptied the cash register in the morning after gathering employees into freezers. 

The former U.S. Army Reserve officer became known as the Rooftop Robber or Roofman and was recognised for his calm demeanour and rare use of violence.

Convicted and imprisoned in 2000, the tenacious felon fled and then evaded detection by hiding out for months in a Toys 'r Us and Circuit City store in North Carolina. 

He ate baby food and got his exercise by riding bicycles around the toy store. After allegedly placing his fingerprints on a Catch Me If You Can DVD in an electronics store, he was apprehended and returned to jail. The film will centre on Manchester's months-long journey on the lam.

Cianfrance is also the creator of I Know This Much Is True, an HBO series. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Sound of Metal.