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Adele reveals why she will not attend Super Bowl Show this year

Adele also shares her thoughts on soccer

By Web Desk
February 08, 2024
Adele on why she wont attend 2024 Super Bowl Show
Adele on why she won't attend 2024 Super Bowl Show

Adele has recently revealed why she will not attend Super Bowl show on Sunday.

Speaking at her Sin City show via Daily Mail, the Hello hit-maker said, “Last year I went, obviously I didn't go for the football at all. I went to watch Rihanna.”

Adele, who went for Rihanna last year, stated, “I realised when I was there, It's not really put on for the people in the stadium.”

Even though it’s a five-minute drive from Las Vegas Residency, the songstress mentioned, “It's better on the TV because obviously I couldn't see her (Rihanna).”

Adele pointed out, “Maybe I had bad tickets, I dunno.”

“So, I'm not going to go this year even though it's right next door. And I love Usher, so I'm going to watch it on TV,” shared the singer.

Adele added she would “make some buffalo chicken wings in the air fryer,” while watching Super Bowl on Sunday.

Elsewhere on the show, the crooner, whose partner is sports agent Rich Paul, also addressed English football, known as soccer in America.

She disclosed, “No one ever sat me down and explained to me how soccer works. I've just been watching it my whole life. So, I just understand it.”

“Whereas before, to be honest with you, before I got with my man, I've never even watched a football game,” said the musician.

Adele commented, “I swear the poor guy has explained NFL football to me about a million times and then I'm like, ‘no, I don't get it. One more time. I just don't understand it’.”