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Inside TJ Holmes, Amy Robach's desperate effort to get onto big screen

Sources claim that the couple is trying harder for a reality TV show

By Web Desk
February 08, 2024
Inside TJ Holmes, Amy Robachs desperate effort to get onto big screen
Inside TJ Holmes, Amy Robach's desperate effort to get onto big screen

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are reportedly considering pitching themselves for a reality TV show, suggesting that they have been itching to return to the spotlight.

The duo, according to sources, is looking for work in TV news because of their affair, which resulted in their termination in January 2023. However, it seems that they are now using their arguments to craft a proposal for a delicious reality TV series.

"They're seriously proposing it because they think it's the only thing that will get them back on TV," a source told the National Enquirer.

"But people are telling them they're crazy because it will put the final nail in any hopes to be considered serious journalists again!"

In a recent episode of their podcast, Amy and T.J., the pair revealed their dirty laundry, detailing Robach's annoyance at the 46-year-old Holmes' dearth of sentimental gestures.

Holmes, 51, acknowledged that the pressure to maintain relevance and garner numbers had "consumed both of us." Producer Amy Sugarman, who has close contacts to the reality TV industry, encouraged them to share their complaints.

According to insiders, the idea is to use their exceptionally hectic life as the foundation for a television programme that will feature their faces on camera until they can land positions as news anchors once more. Yet, a source cautioned that this might be their worst decision ever.

"They're just digging a deeper hole for themselves," an industry insider said of the couple's reality TV venture. "Reality TV only makes them look worse than the damaged goods they already are."