Wednesday February 28, 2024

Woman exposes Zayn Malik for questionable behaviour with proof

Zayn Malik kicks out former date during intimate act, ending relationship amid accusations of neglect

February 08, 2024

Zayn Malik's former Tinder date took to TikTok to expose him, alleging that the pop star engaged in questionable and misogynistic behavior during their encounter. 

The woman named Sam Fisher recounted her experience in a "story time" video on TikTok, providing evidence to support her claims and how she spent nine months in an intimate relationship with him.

The pair initially connected on Tinder, with Malik reaching out to Fisher via direct message from his verified Instagram account and showing interest by watching her stories.

Their communication progressed to text messages, and they eventually met in person, with Fisher residing in Pennsylvania, where Zayn currently lives. 

Sam, aged 33 and identifying as queer, described their initial meeting as pleasant, with no complaints.

Zayn Malik texts Sam with his verified account.
Zayn Malik texts Sam with his verified account.

However, Fisher alleged that the Dusk Till Dawn singer later broached the topic of her sexual orientation and proposed the idea of involving a third person in their relationship.   

Despite her reluctance, Fisher agreed to pursue the arrangement but faced challenges as Malik refused to disclose his identity to potential participants.

Sam Fisher posts unseen pictures of Zayn Malik.
Sam Fisher posts unseen pictures of Zayn Malik.

Sam recounted having to deceive the former One Direction singer by assuring him she wouldn't reveal his identity while secretly informing the other woman involved.

However, when the woman backed out of the arrangement due to personal reasons, he reportedly became enraged and accused Fisher of dishonesty.

In an attempt to justify his behavior, he attributed his reaction to being British and dismissed his actions.

Zayn Malik and Sam Fishers conversations revealed.
Zayn Malik and Sam Fishers conversations revealed.

Fisher claimed that Malik became irritable when she couldn't meet his demands, including changing plans to accommodate his preferences.

On one occasion, the 31 year old star allegedly pressured her to arrive early for a scheduled meeting, expressing dissatisfaction when she explained she was working and unable to comply. 

Despite her reservations, he dismissed her concerns as dramatic, leading her to relent once more.

Their dynamic continued with Malik persistently asking Fisher to find additional partners for their encounters.

The accuser expressed difficulty in finding suitable candidates and could be trusted for such encounters.

Whole chat is revealed on Sam Fishers TikTok.
Whole chat is revealed on Sam Fisher's TikTok.

As Fisher's birthday approached, she hoped to spend the day with him, but he failed to remember the occasion and instead suggested plans involving another woman later in the evening. 

When she reminded him it was her birthday, Zayn dismissed her as dramatic once again, leaving her feeling disregarded and unimportant in their relationship.

Despite her objections and reminders of past grievances, Malik continued to pressure her into arranging sexual encounters, emphasizing his priorities over hers.

Ultimately, Fisher decided to end communication with him due to developing feelings for him. 

But he disregarded their agreement and reached out to her again on Christmas Eve.

Despite Sam's reluctance, she relented and arranged another meetup with a woman she met on Tinder.

However, the encounter turned sour when Malik allegedly kicked Fisher out while she was heavily intoxicated, accusing her of neglecting him during the interaction.

This incident marked the definitive end of their relationship, leaving Fisher feeling mistreated and disrespected by his actions.

As of yet Malik has not responded to the claims.