Wednesday February 28, 2024

King Charles wants to mend broken relationship with Prince Harry

The Duke of Sussex left for the US today after meeting his ailing father at the Clarence House in London

February 07, 2024

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King Charles's move to delay his travel plans to meet Prince Harry, hinted at the possibility of reconciliation between him and his estranged son. 

As per The Sun, the Monarch had to delay his helicopter flight from London to Norfolk for an hour due to the Duke of Sussex, who landed in the UK on Tuesday, to meet his ailing father.

Speaking of King's decision, an insider claimed to the publication that it was a positive sign for Harry.

The source shared, "Charles always keeps a tight schedule and had a planned itinerary to leave London to rest and recuperate in Norfolk."

"He is very fastidious about time-keeping but it was significant that he delayed the flight to Sandringham when he knew Harry was visiting," an insider added. 

"After all, the Duke of Sussex had flown all the way from California at short notice and he accepted the gesture. There is cause for optimism," the report further claimed. 

For the unversed, Harry met his father at the Clarence House in London for 45 minutes on February 6. 

The former working royal left for the US today afternoon following a brief meeting with King Charles, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.