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Pre-Grammys heat up: Glen Powell ditches rumored romance for mystery dates

Glen Powell attends pre-Grammy party with someone not Sydney Sweeney

By Web Desk
February 05, 2024
Glen Powell spotted at pre-Grammy party without Sydney Sweeney
Glen Powell spotted at pre-Grammy party without Sydney Sweeney 

Glen Powell had two dates at the pre-Grammy Awards party, neither of them to be Sydney Sweeney.

The 35-year-old star of Top Gun: Maverick brought model Sarah Hands, 23, and TikTok influencer Sienna Raine, 22, to the West Hollywood club The Birds Street on Saturday night.

The two young females were riding in the backseat of a chauffeured car with the man who made public his April breakup from longtime partner Gigi Paris, 30.

Powell showered Sienna and Sarah with attention and opened the car door so that they could get out first. Sienna and Sarah looked excited.

Photographers were unable to see the face of the third woman who looked to be in the automobile.

Their was no confirm sign of the presence of Powell's Anyone But You costar Sydney Sweeney, amid romance rumours of the two stars.

The three blonde women needed to have striking costumes to draw the attention of the Hollywood hottie, even if they couldn't be seen in the car.

During the production of their hit romantic comedy Anyone But You, Powell refuted reports of romance with Sydney Sweeney, 26.

He did, however, later acknowledge that they played up their relationship to promote the movie, and it appears to have been successful as the movie has made over $100 million at the box office.