Sunday February 25, 2024

Tori Kelly's upcoming release explores vulnerability, hope after health scare

Tori Kelly experienced health scare first in 2023 when she was out with friends in LA

February 03, 2024
Tori Kellys upcoming release explores vulnerability, hope after health scare
Tori Kelly's upcoming release explores vulnerability, hope after health scare

Tori Kelly opened up about a challenging period in her life and how it fueled the creation of an "inspirational" new song, High Water, set for release on February 9th.

Kelly, 31, revealed to People magazine in an interview that the track was written as a late addition to her upcoming album following her hospitalization in 2023 for blood clots. The experience, she shared, forced her to confront her vulnerability and ultimately led to a message of resilience and hope.

"I had a health scare last year, so I thought my album was done, and then when that happened I was like, 'I need an inspirational song. I need something to kind of pick me up out of this place,'" Kelly told the outlet at the event. "Now, I just hope it can uplift other people as well when they hear it."

The Nobody Love singer passed unconscious in July 2023 while having dinner with friends in Los Angeles. She was taken to the hospital, where medical professionals discovered blood clots all over her legs and lungs.

In an appearance with The Jennifer Hudson Show in October, she talked candidly about the occurrence.

"I actually ended up collapsing one night and they found out that I had blood clots. It was really crazy and scary," the star explained.

"My family was definitely there for me. I had a peace throughout most of it, but I was just kinda confused and wondering what was going on," added Kelly. "I thankfully had some amazing doctors who were able to just take care of everything and get me healthy."

She added at the time, "It seems like it’s a manageable thing now. I feel amazing. They’re still monitoring me, but yeah I feel great. I’m back to singing and back to doing my thing. I feel really good, I’m really grateful."

High Water marks a departure from some of Kelly's previous work, known for its soulful melodies and introspective lyrics. The new song is described as having an uplifting and anthemic feel, weaving together gospel influences and contemporary pop sounds.

Fans can expect the full album, currently untitled, to showcase a similar message of hope and perseverance. Kelly promises a collection of songs that explore themes of vulnerability, self-discovery, and finding light even in the darkest of times.