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Bryce Dallas Howard weighs in on Argylle character amid negative reviews

Bryce Dallas Howard explains how this role fits her personality in a latest interview

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February 02, 2024
Bryce Dallas Howard evaluates her Argylle character: More inside
Bryce Dallas Howard evaluates her Argylle character: More inside

Bryce Dallas Howard has recently weighed in on her Argylle character after the movie gets slammed by the critics.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Howard, who plays an introverted spy novelist pushed into a real underground crime organisation, confessed, “It’s a new kind of character and probably the closest to me as a person that I’ve played before.”

“What I always joke about is that the only risks I take are in my work, I'm so risk averse,” said the 42-year-old.

Howard notes, “The role fit like a glove.”

“This movie is so much about her connecting to her power and her connecting to feeling empowered and feeling courageous and overcoming her anxiety and getting out there,” explained the Jurassic Park star.

Howard noted, “I think that for me doing this movie felt very empowering.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the actress talked about her family and growing up with a novelist mother who she believed was the inspiration behind portraying Argylle role.

“I was born to act and perform and be a storyteller,” remarked Howard, who was raised by her father, director Ron Howard, and mother Cheryl, a novelist.

The Help actress pointed out, “My mom is a novelist and her imagination is epic and wants nothing to do with anything social.”

When asked about her future projects, Howard replied, “Whatever comes next, I am ready.”

“I feel very grateful for this stability in my relationships and in my family,” added the actress.