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Grant Hughes challenges Sophia Bush's prenup, seeks access to $300K in battle

Sophia Bush files for divorce 13 months after lavish wedding with Grant Hughes

By Web Desk
January 28, 2024

Sophia Bush and Grant Hughes clash over prenup in intense legal battle. 

In a recent twist, court filings obtained by People reveal that the One Tree Hill star is staunchly advocating for the enforcement of their "Unity Agreement," while estranged husband Grant Hughes deems it invalid. 

Hughes seeks to lift the mutual restraining order to invest $300,000 in Oklahoma storage facilities, a decision his team insists won't impact the potential prenup payout. 

The court has given the green light to Hughes' request, setting the stage for a contentious legal showdown. 

Despite an initial agreement to forego spousal support, tensions escalate nearly six months into the negotiations following Bush's divorce filing in August. 

The couple, whose split was made public just 13 months after their wedding, has remained tight-lipped about the details. 

The latest dispute arises amidst discussions on how to divide their shared assets. 

Since parting ways with Grant Hughes, Bush has embarked on a new chapter of love with ex-soccer player Ashlyn Harris. 

The plot thickens as Harris herself is navigating a divorce from fellow USWNT veteran Ali Krieger. 

According to a source close to the situation, after years of friendship and shared social circles, Bush and Harris recently ventured into romance with a dinner date.

The budding relationship is described as a fresh start for both, marking the beginning of exciting new chapters in their lives.