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Sofia Richie announces pregnancy with Elliot Grainge

Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge expecting their first child – Glowing at 6 months pregnant

By Web Desk
January 26, 2024
Sofia Richies baby bump stuns fans.
Sofia Richie's baby bump stuns fans.

Sofia Richie and her music executive husband Elliot Grainge are over the moon as they expect their first child, a 'Gemini baby'! 

In a photoshoot for Vogue, Richie proudly debuted her baby bump, exclaiming, "I’ve learned more in the past six months than I have in my entire life." 

The star didn't stop there, joyfully revealing that their little one is a girl. With a due date that's 'a bit up in the air' due to the speedy growth of their bundle of joy, the couple is embracing this exciting chapter.

Sofia exclusively shared with Vogue the exciting early moments of her pregnancy journey, recalling the revelation that changed everything. 

The 25-year-old model discovered she was expecting when she was just four weeks pregnant, during a whirlwind trip to Milan for fashion week.

Feeling under the weather, she initially attributed it to jet lag but decided to take a pregnancy test upon returning to Los Angeles.

Planning to attend an Ed Sheeran concert the next day, Sofia wanted to ensure her well-being for what she anticipated to be a lively evening. 

Reflecting on the moment, she revealed, "I was a few days late on my period, and I wanted to be generally safe, so I took a test." 

Her husband, Elliot Grainge, accustomed to her occasional tests, didn't flinch at the idea. 

Sofia, who had been casually trying for a baby since their wedding in April, noticed the faintest of lines on the at-home test, a subtle shift from the negatives she had become accustomed to seeing. 

It marked the beginning of an incredible chapter for the couple.

Sofia Richie Grainge and husband chose an imaginative way to break the pregnancy news to their parents, turning a luxurious gift into a delightful surprise. 

Around the eight-week mark, they visited Elliot's parents, who live just minutes away, armed with a box that initially hinted at an extravagant present from Milan Fashion Week—perhaps from a renowned brand like Hermès.

Recalling the moment, Richie Grainge shared, "I told everyone that I had bought them a gift from Milan Fashion Week." 

The unsuspecting family members were excitedly anticipating an opulent surprise, only to discover that the box held all three positive pregnancy tests. 

The transition from 'Ooooh Hermes!' to 'I’m about to get a grandchild' was a heartwarming spectacle that left everyone overjoyed.

She expressed, "Pregnancy is really scary, and you want to protect that space. 

I didn’t realize there are so many milestones you have to hit and so many tests you have to take. 

For me, it was really important to protect our mental health and our space as a couple."