Saturday May 25, 2024

Princess Kate's absence leaves royal family in 'dire straits'

Kate Middleton underwent abdominal surgery at The London Clinic on January 16

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January 23, 2024

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Princess Kate, who recently underwent abdominal surgery, leaves the royal family in a difficult situation with her absence.

Daniela Elser, a royal commentator wrote in a comment piece for that the Princess of Wales has unintentionally brought glamour to the royal lifestyle. 

The journalist shared, "With Kate gone, at least for a bit, the Palace now finds itself in some dire straits."

She added, "The Royal Family is now facing a trial by blandness, of the actual blood members of the outfit struggling to in any way hold the nation’s interest, making it even harder for them to regularly demonstrate just how pluckily they are working for the UK."

The royal expert said "Remove the Princess from the equation and the Royal Family suddenly loses all of its razzle dazzle, its fairy dust, its seductiveness. Gone."

"The Princess of Wales, without any one of us twigging, has unintentionally witchily glamoured the world and that has now been stripped away," Elser said. 

For the unversed, the mother-of-three underwent a planned abdominal surgery at The London Clinic on January 16.

As per Kensington Palace, Kate "will remain in hospital for ten to fourteen days... She will commence her royal duties after Easter."