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Queen Mary's first outing with King Frederik sparks reactions

Queen Mary's first outing with King Frederik sparks rumours of tension between the couple

January 15, 2024
Queen Marys first outing with King Frederik sparks reactions
Queen Mary's first outing with King Frederik sparks reactions

Royal watchers and experts have expressed their shock over Queen Mary's first outing with her husband King Frederik after the official abdication of her mother-in-law Margrethe.

The new Queen's appearance has sparked massive reactions from fans, with some  pointing out that she didn't hold the hand of her husband King Frederik in her celebratory carriage ride.

Meanwhile a body language expert claimed that Australian-born Denmark's queen looked 'sad' and 'glum' while waving at well-wishers during the procession in Copenhagen.

Dr Louise Mahler, body language professional, said Mary looks confident in her decision to step up as queen and while the 'smile and energy have gone'.

Sharing her expertise after watching the historic ceremony, the expert said the 51-year-old seems 'relaxed and possibly tired, which is possibly fair enough!'.

'I don't see slumped,' she told FEMAIL. 'Apparently those carriages are hideously uncomfortable.'

However, the Europe's newest King and Queen marked their rise to the throne with a public kiss on the balcony of Christiansborg Palace, much to the delight of more than100,000 strong crowd.

There has been speculation over the couple's 'fairytale romance' in recent weeks after Frederik was photographed on a night out with Mexican socialite Genoveva Casanova. Genoveva, 47, denied any kind of romantic relationship between herself and the royal.

Margrethe's shock abdication has fueled rumours, with some claiming her decision may have been a bid to keep Frederik's wife of 19 years on side. 

However, Mary has remained tight-lipped about her husband's dinner with the socialite, and the royal couple have put on a united display in a number of public appearances.

Another experts has said the couple didn't seem 'spontaneous' in their public displays of affection. Adrianne Carter told the outlet that the smooch was clearly something Frederik had planned, rather than something spontaneous.

She said: 'Frederik gives Mary a wink, which means we're in this together. He pulls her in for a smooch.'