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Prince Harry excluded from 'good eggs' in fresh snub

Prince Harry receives major snub from British Army

By Web Desk
January 08, 2024
Prince Harry receives major snub from British Army
Prince Harry receives major snub from British Army

King Charles III's youngest son Prince Harry, who served in the Army for 10 years, has been snubbed in a new book celebrating Sandhurst's top officers.

The Duke of Sussex is said to be heartbroken as he has been left out of military academy Sandhurst's guide to its 200 most notable officers. However, his elder brother Prince William was included in the book and even penned the foreword.

Harry, who was an Apache helicopter pilot, proudly spoke of his military service in his memoir Spare, claiming he killed 25 people while on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan.

The Duke wasn't the only person excluded from the book. Fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley and Waffen-SS Officer Benson Freeman were also left out of the prestigious guide. 

In the book, Author Vaughan Kent-Payne said "not everybody who trained [there] was a good egg".

He added that there were "a smattering of traitors and cads", seemingly in a brutally-veiled dig at  Meghan Markle's husband Harry.

Reacting to Harry's exclusion from the book, royal author Angela Levin wrote on X (formerly Twitter): "Harry left out of Sandhurst's new significant book. The military take an oath of allegiance to the Monarchy, but Harry keeps attacking them."

She appeared taking a swipe at the Duke for his comments about the force, adding: "Plus in his memoir Spare he wrote the Army taught him to see the enemy as less than human, which goes against military behaviour."

There's only one reference to Meghan Markle's husband Harry on the whole guide, in William's entry: "His status as a future king meant that he could not be deployed on operations like his younger brother, Harry."

Former British Army colonel Richard Kemp said he "completely understands" the Duke has been missed out of the book, adding "it's not disappointing."

"I probably would have included him on balance, but it is not a disappointment to not see him in there. I don't think he did anything particularly notable in his service but he was certainly a significant person to go to Sandhurst," Richard told The Sun.

The former Army man went on explaining: "I suspect the recent disharmony between him and the Royal Family has led them to decide against having him in."

An insider has claimed: "Fresh humiliation has added to Harry's worries as he seems to be heartbroken over being left out of Sandhurst's guide."