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SULLEN Ben Affleck smokes cigarette donning custom Nikes on LA set

Jennifer Lopez’s husband Ben Affleck promotes favourite coffee chain with outfit

By Web Desk
January 06, 2024
Ben Affleck exhibits his love for favourite coffee chain
Ben Affleck exhibits his love for favourite coffee chain

Ben Affleck is surely a fan of his favourite coffee brand.

While filming a commercial for the renowned coffee brand in Los Angeles, the 51-year-old actor looked amazing in a customised pair of Dunkin' Donuts Nike trainers.

Ben took a leisurely stroll around the commercial set wearing stylish shoes and then took a cigarette break.

According to GQ, Dunkin commissioned the shoes—which aren't official—to honour Air, the 2023 film created and starring Affleck on the invention of the Air Jordan sneaker.

According to ABC, the coffee company invited Ant Kai and Andrew Chiou to customise two different types of the Nike footwear. 

The trainers, which are dominated by the Dunkin-approved hues of pink, brown and orange, have a melting pink Swoosh and white sprinkles around the toe.

Ben has been spotted wearing the shoes previously, but since he was filming a commercial for the company on Thursday, it was the ideal occasion to wear them.

His fashionable appearance went nicely with the vibrant shoes. The Argo actor wore a hot pink turtleneck under an all-black ensemble.

He took out a pack of cigarettes and held one to his lips.

Ben was also spotted filming a Dunkin' ad on Wednesday, in which he played out a 2020 incident that went viral.

While filming the scene, the actor was seen spilling multiple boxes of doughnuts and mugs of coffee.

It was similar to the incident that went viral when Ben was seen leaking Dunkin boxes outside of his Los Angeles residence in late December 2020.

Affleck was sporting a grey "Believe in Boston" t-shirt at the moment.