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King Charles mourns loss of royal Champion

Francis Dymoke, King's Champion, has passed away at 68

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December 22, 2023
King Charles mourns loss of royal Champion
King Charles mourns loss of royal Champion

King Charles has dealt with a major setback ahead of the holiday season.

According to The Sun, Francis Dymoke, who acted as the King’s Champion during his coronation earlier this year has passed away aged 68.

The cause of death of the 34th Lord of Scrivelsby and 8th of Tetford has not been confirmed.

The King is planning to write personally to Dymoke’s widow Gail and their three children, according to the outlet.

Dymoke took on the significant role during the May 6 ceremony, following in the footsteps of members of his family who filled the respective role since the coronation of William the Conqueror centuries ago.

The Champions of the King were previously expected to ride a horse into Westminster Hall to challenge anyone who disputed the power of the new king or queen.

However, the role has been reduced to carrying a standard or flag since the crowning of King George IV in 1821.

Before being honored the Champion, Francis was an accountant and the 34th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby by virtue of being the son of an Army officer.

Speaking to The Telegraph following the coronation, Dymoke revealed he simply filled out an online form where he detailed his family’s long running involvement in the ceremony to pitch himself the next Champion.

"This is the one moment in my life that really matters," he told the outlet.