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Victoria Beckham gushes over David Beckham working out in shorts

David Beckham fixed television a few days earlier in Victoria Beckham’s other post

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December 20, 2023
David Beckham working out
David Beckham working out

Victoria Beckham couldn’t stop herself from praising her husband David Beckham for keeping fit.

In the video, which she posted on Instagram, the former Spice Girl calls her husband David Beckham a "love machine" while the Wham! song of the same name plays in the background.

In the Tuesday-posted video, David, 48, is seen performing pushups on his gym floor while wearing short blue shorts. The image was shared by Victoria, 49, a few days prior, with the description, "electrician came to fix the TV…..You’re welcome!" and a picture showed David mending their television while wearing only his shorts.

Victoria confessed that David had never seen her without her eyebrows done when she appeared on the cover of Allure magazine this month.

In response to a magazine question on what she never leaves the house without, she said, "BabyBlade Brow. I’m obsessed with brows -- my husband has never seen me without my eyebrows."

Victoria gave readers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into her transformation from a teenager who was tormented to a formidable figure in the fashion and beauty industries.

"I've never really told my story about being the underdog at school. I was bullied—a lot," she said.

"I never fitted in socially. And when anybody is different, kids can be really mean. I remember being mentally bullied, physically bullied, literally pushed around. My entire school life was a misery, an absolute misery."

With a characteristic wit and self-deprecating humour, Victoria reminisced on her path since.

"I can joke about it better than anybody. I'll take the mickey out of myself. I mean, obviously, I could sing a little. But I always had to work very hard just to be okay at anything," she said.

"That's why the Spice Girls worked: Individually we were underdogs, but collectively we worked."