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Kate Middleton's Christmas concert 'hurt' Meghan Markle?

Prince harry, Meghan Markle were not invited to attend Kate Middleton's star-studded concert

By Web Desk
December 12, 2023
Kate Middletons growing popularity enrages Meghan Markle?
Kate Middleton's growing popularity enrages Meghan Markle?

Kate Middleton has reportedly annoyed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with her annual Christmas concert.

The Princess of Wales hosted the event at Westminster Abbey on Friday, with various senior royals supporting the future Queen Consort on her big day amid new shocking claims.

Kate had a number of senior royals on hand, including Prince William, but Meghan and Harry, who live in the US with their two children, were not invited to attend the star-studded concert.

Last week, Kensington Palace issued a press release to state that the service will "showcase the hope of new life and why it is so important to build supportive, nurturing worlds around children and the adults in their lives".

The move has allegedly enraged the Duchess of Sussex as the festive occasion added to Kate's growing popularity.

Jack Royston, speaking on The Royal Report podcast, said that this statement comes into contrast with a complaint from Meghan about her time in the royal family, saying: "That is exactly the kind of statement that is guaranteed to enrage Harry and Meghan because their whole case is that Meghan was not supported by the royals during the months when she was pregnant [with Archie]."

Royston added: "Her lawyers actually said in a court filing that she was left unprotected while pregnant, and Harry and Meghan say she was one of the most trolled people in the world in 2019, which is the year Archie was born."