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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle warned of hammer blow if new law passes

Meghan Markle are at risk of losing out on millions of pounds

December 11, 2023

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who might be stripped of their royal titles if the proposed law passes, have been warned of losing millions in new hammer blow.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are at risk of losing out on millions of pounds if they're stripped of their royal titles as it could lead to a huge loss of earnings for the couple.

Meghan and Harry, who stepped down as senior working royal and relocated to the US to live a financially independent life in 2020, have kept their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles ever since. 

Conservative MP Bob Seely wants to adapt laws that were originally passed in the First World War to deny German nobles their British titles. The bill would force the House of Commons to consider turning Meghan and Harry into simply Mr and Mrs.

Showbiz expert Mark Boardman believes the move could be disastrous for the California-based couple' finances who have made a lot of money opening up about life in the royal family.

"The potential costs of losing royal titles could be substantial, not only for the immediate financial impact but also the long-term effects on their earning potential, the expert told Express UK.

He went on explaining: "Financial penalties or contractual repercussions tied to their titles within existing contracts could amount to millions, particularly if lucrative commercial deals are affected to the tune of millions a year in lost income should the worst happen, and the Sussexes lose their royal titles."

Mark also appeared warning that the impact on Meghan and Harry's standing in society would be "significant", adding: "While some may view it positively as a move towards independence, others may see it negatively as a departure from tradition."