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Omid Scobie issues warning to Meghan Markle over writing memoir

Meghan Markle was reportedly on the fence of writing her own memoir

December 11, 2023

In the midst of Meghan Markle's promised comeback, the Duchess of Sussex was reportedly pondering over writing her own memoir but was issued a warning by royal author Omid Scobie over the prospect of it being a failure.

Speaking to Newsweek, prior to the release of his explosive book Endgame, the royal author noted that it was not advisable for the former actress to take on the challenge of writing a memoir as he believed that she would not be ‘transparent’.

He added that in order for Meghan to have a positive response to her book, she would need to be authentic and honest with her readers. 

"To gain the respect of the reader, you have to be completely human in your portrayal, transparent in your portrayal of yourself.

"It has to be candid, it has to be embarrassing in places, it has to be all of these things to be the true portrait of a human being rather than the varnished image of a public figure that wants to be seen in a certain way.

"And it's why I think his [Harry's] book would always be more interesting than say if Megan wrote a memoir, because I think Megan has a much more curated take on what her image is and how it should be. Harry has always been a very candid, candid man."