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Sia gets candid about more plastic surgery following facelift: 'I am insecure'

Sia has opened up about her ‘insecurities’ and 'anxieties' in the public eye

December 11, 2023
Sia was known to cover her face with over-sized wigs
Sia was known to cover her face with over-sized wigs

Sia is racking up more plastic surgery, and she won’t lie to her fans about it.

Just weeks after revealing her new facelift, the 47-year-old singer took to social media on Saturday and confessed that she got a liposuction over the weekend.

“Had to take a medication that made me put on a lot of weight that I just can’t shift with exercise or thyroid meds so I went in for lipo today,” she began in her long confessional.

“Please know that I am so lucky to have the resources to change the way I look and that when you see me looking crazy foxy again that I want you to know it did not come from diet and exercise,” she emphasised, hoping that by being “truthful,” she won’t “contribute to the system that tells us we aren’t enough.”

She further went on to implore understanding from her audience, writing, “I am insecure like most people and being in the public eye gives me anxiety.”

Hence, she made the choice to undergo cosmetic procedures for her “own confidence issues.”

“Pray for me please… I love you, keep going!” she concluded.

This isn’t the first time Sia has gone under the knife.

Over two months ago, the Elastic Heart songstress debuted her facelift at the 2023 Daytime Beauty Awards as she presented the Outstanding Achievement in Medicine award to her surgeon Dr. Ben Talei.

“I’m a pop star that normally hides my face and doesn’t lie about s***. I got an amazing facelift from Dr. Talei,” she announced to the world.