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Olivia Rodrigo sets SNL floor ablaze with soulful fiery rendition of 'Vampire'

Olivia Rodrigo also performed 'All-American Bitch'

December 10, 2023

Olivia Rodrigo came to Saturday Night Live and gave two of her hit songs new spins.

The 20-year-old singer appeared as a musical guest on SNL for the second time, with host Adam Driver. For this engagement, she performed a new version of her songs Vampire and All-American Bitch.

Rodrigo began the evening with a slow piano rendition of Vampire. She wore a dazzling silver halter dress and her hair was pulled back in a sleek bun as she performed the song's chorus with an emotive tone. Notably, she wore several rings on her right hand that read Guts – the title of her second studio album.

The stage was set up to look like a dream, with blue fog covering the floor under the piano and dozens of silver cut-out stars dangling from the ceiling.

All-American Bitch was her second performance, and she brought the drama. The scene began simply and innocently, with Rodrigo seated in a high-neck pink dress, sipping tea behind a table piled high with cakes and other treats.

But when she got to the chorus of the song, she unleashed her dark side, jumping onto and laying on the table, slashing the cake with a knife, and dancing on the confectionaries as the lighting changed to suit her emotions. To depict the turmoil, the lighting changed from brilliant white to fast red flashes.

She even slathered blood-red cake on her face, clothes, and white stockings to emphasise the words, which could have linked to the Guts of her record. She poked her tongue out at the cameras after finishing her acts.