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Kate Middleton still has 'differences' with Prince William over George's future

Kate Middleton expressed her serious concerns over Prince George's future

December 10, 2023
Princess Kate grows differences with Prince William over Georges future
Princess Kate grows 'differences' with Prince William over George's future 

Kate Middleton is not in the same boat as his husband Prince William over the decision of sending their eldest son Prince George to a boarding school in Berkshire. 

As per the royal tradition, George will reportedly attend the Eton College just like his father and uncle Prince Harry.

As per Mirror, a source close to the palace revealed that the Princess of Wales has accepted the decision as his son's 'destiny.' 

An insider added, "Kate long disagreed with her husband about sending him away, even though it's tradition. Kate thinks sending him to such a stuffy, upper-crust institution goes against all of their efforts to modernise the monarchy."

"Plus, she'll miss George desperately. She and William argued about it for years, but he has finally won," the report further shared. 

Notably, the college is quite near to the royal family's home, and it is highly expected that George will pay visits as his father did.

Another report by In Touch Weekly shared that Kate is still "heartbroken" as she fears George might get bullied in boarding school.

A source close to the publication shared, "She was horribly bullied at her first boarding school, and can't bear the thought of George suffering through that. And it still seems as if her family is being torn apart."