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Will Smith spotted again with Jada Pinkett Smith’s lookalike

Jada Pinkett Smith separates from Will Smith, but he doesn't

By Web Desk
December 10, 2023
Will Smith doesnt interact with mystery woman in public, keeps her close
Will Smith doesn't interact with mystery woman in public, keeps her close

Will Smith has made a second public appearance with an uknown woman, who bears striking resemblance to his estranged wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

They were spotted at Miami’s Art Basel event again, attending the art fair in South Florida.

He was walking around in a white polo shirt and black cargo pants, keeping his signature ‘goofy’ smile intact. On the other hand, the shorn head mystery lady wore a light brown, belted jumpsuit with bejeweled flip flops.

The two navigated the place at some distance from each other, conversing with surrounding friends, but not speaking with one another at all.

Despite maintaining space throughout the show, they reported left together in the same limousine.

The Shark Tale actor was subsequently observed with the same person at a renowned pizza restaurant called Lucali, which is frequented by high-profile stars like the Beckhams and Jay-Z.

These outings come into view after his recent acknowledgement of making “a ton of mistakes” in his marriage.

Last month, Jada disclosed they have been separated since 2016, but even after seven years of estrangement, they have no plans for divorce.

Fans however remain intrigued, questioning, “If they’re maintaining their union, then who is the mystery woman?”