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Patrick Mahomes’ brother Jackson flirts with Travis Kelce’s ex Kayla Nicole

Kayla Nicole seemingly in touch with Jackson Mahomes despite ‘cutting family off’

December 10, 2023
Jackson Mahomes hypes Kayla Nicole up once again.
Jackson Mahomes hypes Kayla Nicole up once again.

Patrick Mahomes’ brother Jackson Mahomes appears to maintain amicable relations with Kayla Nicole, despite her cutting ties with the football quarterback and his wife Brittany.

She recently shared a set of gorgeous Instagram photos from a late-night stroll, featuring a green-distressed leather jacket, hip-hugging jeans, and a black baseball hat.

In a noteworthy interaction, Jackson complimented those images by leaving a quick comment, saying, "so pretty!"

To which, the female YouTuber graciously responded with a "thanks jack!"

This exchange isn't a new occurrence, as he has previously shown support on social media through “hyping her up in the comments section” during her fallout with Patrick and his partner.

From 2017 to 2022, Nicole had an on-and-off relationship with Taylor Swift’s now boyfriend Travis Kelce, fueled by her friendship with Brittany. Because of this, she shares a close bond with Jackson.

Despite signs of strain in October when she unfollowed the Mahomes on Instagram due to Kelce's newfound romance with the You Belong With Me singer, all three members from the family still follow her.

Although their online connections have dwindled, the celebrity asserts that she maintains "ongoing relationships" with them, emphasizing that the bond persists out of the digital realm.