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Jonathan Bailey sings praise of Wicked movie: Here’s why

Jonathan Bailey on how he manages to film Wicked alongside Bridgerton and Fellow Travellers at the same time

December 10, 2023
Jonathan Bailey is all praise of Wicked movie and co-stars
Jonathan Bailey is all praise of Wicked movie and co-stars

Jonathan Bailey sings praise of his upcoming movie, Wicked, which will release into two parts.

In a new interview with PEOPLE, Bailey said, “It’s going to blow people’s minds.”

“So, get ready. You’ve got a year to prepare,” added the 35-year-old.

Gushing over his co-star Cynthia Erivo in Wicked, the British actor stated, “Having watched her perform and doing opposite her and just seeing what she's doing is pretty incredible.”

Besides Erivo, other stars included Michelle Yeoh, Jeff Goldblum and Bowen Yang which will release in November 2024 and November 2025.

Bailey pointed out, “Everyone who's involved is a theatre nerd and the group is now completely bonded for life.”

Reflecting on working with Oscar winner Yeoh, Bailey recounted, “I think the Oscar was just off-screen watching the scene as it took place. Me and Ariana Grande were very giggle-y that day, and to see Michelle Yeoh sing and be brilliant was amazing.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Bailey revealed he was doing Fellow Travellers as well as Bridgerton along with upcoming movie, Wicked at the same time.

Calling it a “wild time”, Bailey mentioned that one week he would film scenes for Fellow Travellers along with Matt Bomer in Toronto.

“I had an amazing dance coach in Toronto where I was, and we worked on the choreography on Sundays and any days off — not that I had any days off. Poor Bomer. We shared a two-way trailer, so whenever I was dancing, I think I was rocking him either awake or to sleep,” explained the 35-year-old.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, Bailey would shoot parts of Bridgerton in London and then on Sunday, the actor would rehearse choreography with Grande for Wicked movie.