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North West appears to flaunt wealth like famous mom Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, North West’s mother, has been subject to hate for showing off expensive accessories

December 09, 2023


North West took to social media to show off her extravagant room decor in her mom Kim Kardashian's $60million mansion.

With a TikTok on Thursday, the preteen gave fans a peek of the bedroom, complete with nine Christmas trees and the mountains of gifts gathered around it.

The holiday video was uploaded to Kim, 43, and North's shared TikTok account. It featured an accelerated version of Ariana Grande's Santa Tell Me.

The film's roughly 30-second duration saw the camera pan around the room, which was aptly named "North Pole," capturing every bit of its "Holiday decor."

Early in the recording, a Christmas tree with a pink theme was displayed.

Every single pink element on the elaborately decorated tree was pink, including the ribbon, ornaments, and bulbs.

A pink and white outfit was even worn by an Elf on a Shelf toy that was placed next to the tree.

There were already a few Christmas presents underneath the tree, all wrapped in white gift wrap.

Next to the pink tree was a smaller white, silver, and gold-decked spruce, and under it were gifts wrapped in silver paper.

There were Santa cookies, tabletop ornaments, and faux snow all over the desk between the trees.

North's bed had two big Christmas pines propped up on either side.

They were decked out in colours associated with the holidays.

Placing Santa and elf-shaped pillows next to the head on the bed, a plaid blanket was spread across it.

On the opposite end of the kids' room was another set of Christmas trees.

While the other was once more decorated in pastel pink, the first featured an all-white colour scheme.

Beneath every tree, there were more gifts.

A trio of Christmas stockings that were carefully hung and spaced beneath a wall-mounted television were also captured by the camera before the video ended.

Recently, the teen star's mother, Kim Kardashian has been receiving criticism for unnecessarily showcasing her wealth, especially her expensive Birkin bags.

This has seemingly even pushed the mogul to put up some of her collection on sale on the Kardashian Kloset website.