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Terrence Howard sues CAA for fraudulence over his ‘Empire’ role

Terrence Howard stated in the lawsuit that CAA 'placed their own financial interests... ahead of his own.'

December 09, 2023
Terrence Howard sues CAA for fraudulence over his ‘Empire’ role
Terrence Howard sues CAA for fraudulence over his ‘Empire’ role

Terrence Howard, 54, filed a lawsuit against Creative Artists Agency LLC, for fraudulently convincing him to accept the role for less money on hit show Empire.

The Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit stated: "Despite this feeling of trust, it would be years later that Howard would discover that CAA ... placed their own financial interests, as well as the interests of the production companies they also represented, ahead of his own."

Howard was already aware of the fact that CAA was receiving a fee for wrapping the project. 

What the actor was unaware of were the conflicts that CAA was struggling with in the midst of all the fireworks.

They were also responsible for representing actors and the production companies.

The attorney James Bryant emphasised that, "Mr. Howard will be filing a lawsuit based upon the duties his agents that were simply failed, time and time again."

"This is a man who was the lead actor to, once again, one of the most successful television shows in network history where Fox was making over $125 million a year in just ad revenue alone. This man was being underpaid time and time again," he argued.

The suit further stated that the actors want to be paid for the hard work and effort they put in their work. 

Meanwhile, the producers want to place a cap on the production budget and want to keep it ‘as low as reasonably possible.’

Attorneys claimed that CAA convinced the actor into believing that his salary was fair for his work on the Empire.

The actor unapologetically ‘claimed’ that he “trusted CAA to look after me, and they looked after themselves.”

He continued, "I can't say that this was a racial issue, but I cannot imagine that white actors that are comparable to the numbers and accolades and the world recognition that I have.”

Howard, who is known for his roles as Crash and Hustle & Flow, filed the lawsuit seeking for compensation and damages.

The Eyewitness News approached CAA for a statement and is still waiting to hear back.

The Cochran Law Firm stated that the lawsuit doesn’t entertain or include an amount for damages at this time. 

However, they did mention that it will be evaluated later.

The suit also stated that Empire's debut pilot reached about 10 million viewers, calling it Fox’s highest rated debut in three years.